Northshore Foreign & Domestic Auto Center LLC Service Areas

Auto Maintenance And Inspection

If you’re considering buying a second-hand car then you need to make sure that it is properly inspected first. Not only is our garage fully equipped with the most cutting-edge tools and equipment, but the skill and experience of our mechanics will ensure that you won’t end up buying a car that is past its sell-by date.

BMW Service

Northshore Foreign & Domestic Auto Center LLC is the area’s top choice for BMW auto services. With years of experience, we’ve developed a stellar reputation for fast turnarounds, courteous service, and top-quality workmanship. With a complete range of services, all priced fairly, we have everything you need to keep your BMW on the road and in excellent working condition.

Brake Services

Northshore Foreign & Domestic Auto Center LLC has provided an unrivalled brake repair service for motorists in the area for years. Our state-of-the-art garage has all the tools, machinery and materials to fix even the most stubborn of brake-related problems. Throw a team of experienced mechanics into the mix and you’re sure to be back on the road in no time at all.

Differential Repair

Northshore Foreign & Domestic Auto Center LLC is the leading differential repair garage in the area. Our award-winning service comprises of unrivalled skill and workmanship combined with a customer-centered approach that will not be beaten. Our competitive prices and flexible payment options also mean that we can offer much more than the average garage.

Engine Repair

At Northshore Foreign & Domestic Auto Center LLC our mechanics have decades of experience in engine repair and rebuilds. They know every trick in the book and are fully skilled in the latest computer-driven technology. These advances coupled with our desire to do the best job possible mean that we can repair or rebuild your engine, depending on the scale of the damage.

Exhaust Repair

At Northshore Foreign & Domestic Auto Center LLC we provide an unrivalled exhaust repair service. To achieve this we know that we need to maintain the high standards that got us where we are today. When it comes to exhaust repair this means closely monitoring all aspects of the exhaust system and identifying and repairing any small problems before they become bigger ones. A new exhaust is extremely expensive so, where possible, we will always try and repair rather than replace. This will save you both time and money.

Garage Mechanic

What do you look for in a garage? Do you value skill and experience above all else or would you prefer cutting-edge equipment and advances in repair techniques. Would you like a service that is open late nights and at weekends, or would you rather drop your car off sometime between 9:00 and 5:00? Are you a car buff who is looking for some hard-to-find custom parts or do you simply want the exhaust pipe on your van repaired? Whatever your answer to these questions, it is vital that you call Northshore Foreign & Domestic Auto Center LLC today. With a reputation for mechanic excellence you won’t go wrong with us. Don’t take chances with inferior garages. Call the team you can trust today.

Oil Change

Northshore Foreign & Domestic Auto Center LLC is ideally-located to solve all of your oil and engine related problems. Whether you have detected the build-up of sludge and grime or have noticed a problem but don’t know what it is we can help. With late-night opening hours and flexible payment plans, out number-one priority is your satisfaction. We know that our skilled team of mechanics is unrivalled when it comes to every facet of oil changes. We look forward to you experiencing all that we have to offer. Don’t delay, call the team you can trust today.

Radiator Repair

At Northshore Foreign & Domestic Auto Center LLC we have provided an unrivalled radiator repair service for decades. Our team of auto-repair technicians possesses all the skill, experience and knowhow needed to ensure that your radiator is returned to full working order as quickly as possible. The radiator is a vitally important part of any vehicle, treat it as such.

Tire Service

Equipped with the best machinery and materials as well as mechanics who have decades of combined experience means that we can provide an excellent service that won’t break the bank. When it comes to making sure that your car runs smoothly, tires are right up there. Don’t take chances with cheap imitations. Call the garage you can trust today.

Transmission Repair

Since first opening our doors, drivers in the area have come to Northshore Foreign & Domestic Auto Center LLC for a superior transmission repair service. The fact of the matter is that with decades of combined experience among our mechanics we know cars inside out. This experience allied with the most advanced cutting-edge repair techniques mean that we can identify, diagnose and repair any transmission problem, big or small, in no time at all.